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Erdogan takes center stage in Turkey’s ongoing crisis

Although the Arab Spring gave Turkey the opportunity to market its model of moderate Islam, regional and domestic

Historic Hours and Tumultuous Times Reflections on the Third Anniversary of the Egyptian

Alexandria, 25 January 2014: Today we celebrate the third anniversary of the Egyptian revolution.  A milestone that

Al-Mahdi Jomaa (The Savior) in Tunisia! Map of Situations & Scenarios!

As they say “war is the continuation of politics through different means”, the national dialogue in Tunisia was, in

Mandela’s Dilemma: Western Politics, Native’s Ethics

There appear to be two competing narratives concerning Mandela’s legacy. There are those who cast him as the father of

Political polarization, the Egyptian media and Bassem Youssef

Egyptian television broadcaster CBC’s suspension of Bassem Youssef’s show “el-Bernameg,” or “The Program,” sparked

Terrorism in Tunisia: Finding a solution

Oct. 19 and 20, 2013 were particularly important days in Tunisia as the supporters of Ansar al-Sharia took the streets,

Tunisia’s road map towards change, a political minefield

Tunisia’s ruling, Islamist-leaning, Ennahda party accepted to join the National Dialogue Conference on Saturday Oct. 5,

Turkey’s relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood

Since the June 30 revolution in Egypt, Turkey has become the regional hub for the Muslim Brotherhood’s international

After Egypt's June 30: Is it Mb Rule or Democratization?

Will the Brotherhood pack their bags? The economic, political, and security indicators that have emerged during the

Egypt’s political map in the post-Morsi era

In a few weeks the Egyptians will go to the polls again, for the sixth time in two-and-a-half years, amid confusing


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