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Iran and Turkey Explore Their Mutual Interests

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani -- along with seven Cabinet ministers, Iran's central bank governor and an army of

Egypt Referendum.. Scenarios of the Brotherhood after June’s Victory!

The Egyptian people have restored the electoral legitimacy from those who put it first, as true legitimacy lies

Turkey and Erdoğan on the day after

Body language is an important indicator, especially when the man under scrutiny is one of the most charismatic

Jihad and the so-called “Islamic State”: Terrorism is not Jihad

Since the attacks of 11 September 2001, and especially in the wake of the emergence of the Islamic State in Iraq and

Clans: an active factor in containment conflict and in the hotspots of Arab conflicts

There is a clear and increasing role for clans and tribes as social and political units, in the conflict hotbeds and in

Hani Fahs and the Arab Shi’ism The rebels on Safavid dynasty and Vali-e-Faqih?!

"In Lebanon, there are sectarians who don’t deny their sects.. Being loyal to them, they deny sectarianism and call for

Islamic Radicalism and the The End of Time

Two weeks ago I attended the Friday sermon at Niamey’s Grand Mosque in the Republic of Niger. The imam reminded the

The Repercussions of the Caliphate’s Declaration

As "Islamist gate” has expected in a previous article [], on June 25, 2014, "The Islamic

The truth behind the 528 mass executions in Egypt!

The news being circulated, that an Egyptian court ordered the execution of 528 members of the Muslim brotherhood for

The Eurasian "Great Game": Iran's shifting gas geopolitics

After Geneva's accord, Iran has the opportunity to enter global gas markets as a pivotal player. Today, Russia's gas


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