Future Scenarioes

Sectarian Conflicts in the Arab Conflict Spots ..Its Courses of actions and Scenarios

 Arab arena were not to wait for the Jewish Orientalist Bernard Lewis theories in order to ignite sectarian conflicts;

Potential Dangers?! The Brotherhood, the State & Violence Around the Arab World!

“We will exhaust the coup masterminds/supporters until they lose control and all state institutions fall apart. In that

Egypt’s Future Man…Scenarios & Probabilities…El-Sisi and the others!

A European diplomat, meeting with a group of Egyptians, bombarded them with questions: Who is ruling Egypt now? Where

The New Alliance Between Egypt And The Gulf

On the regional strategic level, the June 30th revolution in Egypt confirmed the importance of Gulf countries for the

The intra-Arab relations after the Arab Spring

Since the eruption of the Arab revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen, and Syria for instance, many questions

The strategic changes to the Arab Regional system 2011-2012

The regional Arab political system is going through a new era of uncertainty, showing some disconnection and division

Indications and repercussions of Gaza attack

Israel did it and launched the Operation “Pillar of Defence,” targeting the head of Hamas military wing Ahmad

The impact of Arab uprising on Islamism and counterterrorism

Since the March 19 referendum Islamists have grown more confident of their superiority over the rest of the political

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