KSA breaks new ground in cardiac procedures

Arab news: A medical team from King Abdullah Medical City hospital broke new ground when it managed to unblock veins and arteries and replace aortic valves without performing bypass surgery.
The medical team cured five patients with heart problems through performing successful arterial cardiac catheterization procedures.
Dr. Osama Al-Khatib, president of the cardiac center at King Abdullah Medical City, said that doctors there performed the procedure on high-risk patients whose bodies cannot handle surgery, notably the elderly and patients suffering from weak heart muscles.
“The procedures were 100 percent successful,” he said. “The announcement was made after the patients were discharged from hospital.”
He said the process does not take more than a couple of hours.
“Such operations, which involve inserting the catheter and switching the valves, are not performed in many hospitals in the Kingdom,” he said.
Al-Khatib expressed pride at this new medical achievement.
Dr. Yassin Malawi, executive general manager of King Abdullah Medical City, said that the institution is striving for advancement in its medical services, particularly for heart-related disorders.
Malawi attributed the success of the procedures to the continuous support granted by the Ministry of Health and the government.

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