Jeddah goes green ahead of National Day

Arab news: Jeddah is gradually turning green as enthusiastic youth and kids are doing some brisk shopping for flags and other paraphernalia for the occasion.
A wide range of activities have been planned to celebrate the day, including distribution of decorative items, literary events and the hoisting of the Saudi national flag from the world’s tallest flagpole.
Makkah Gov. Prince Mishal bin Abdullah has given directives to showcase folk art and the rich Saudi culture on the occasion. A high profile committee was formed by the governor and supervised by Jeddah Mayor Hani Abu Ras to make arrangements for the National Day celebrations.
According to sources, the hoisting of the largest Saudi flag will be performed at the intersection of King Abdullah Road on Jeddah’s Andalus Street on Tuesday.
The flagpole is touted to be the tallest in the world with a height of 170 meters while the national flag measures 1,635 sq. meters and weighs 570 kg.
The flagpole will cover an area of 9,000 sq. meters and will be equipped with an automatic hoisting system, advanced cameras, a system for measuring wind speed and a lighting system built by Abdul Latif Jameel Group as part of social responsibility, according to the Jeddah Municipality.
The Ministry of Information and Culture is making elaborate arrangements to celebrate the National Day in collaboration with the Jeddah Literary Club and other institutions, according to Sohail Taskhandi, chairman of the media committee of the club.
The Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) plans to make the world’s largest portrait ahead of the Kingdom’s National Day.
The portrait will contain images of the Kingdom and its leaders surrounded by pictures of citizens as a token of allegiance and gratitude.
Adnan Mandoura, JCCI secretary-general, said the portrait will be the world’s largest mosaic art.
“JCCI, which will continue the campaign through social media till Sept. 24, considers itself as a part of the community,” he said.
“Anyone who wishes to take part can send their selfies to the social media accounts that have been opened for this purpose,” he said.
“The JCCI is getting ready to launch a major ceremony to celebrate the National Day and the portrait will be a memorable gift to the Kingdom.”
Mandoura extended gratitude to campaign sponsors, including Red Sea Mall, the Diwan Channel, Radio Mix FM, Radio AA FM and others. He requested citizens and expats to support the event and help campaign and organizers in achieving their goals, which they say will enhance the development of the national economy and help the Kingdom leave its mark on the world stage.
Meanwhile, gift shops in the city are full of green items, selling flags, hats, shawls, face paint, T-shirts, stickers, hair accessories and ribbons.
“We have been selling the National Day memorabilia for the last week,” Mohammed A. Khan, a Pakistani salesman working at a leading gift store in the city, said.
He said there is an increase in the sales of items purchased by all age groups this year.
“Face paints, a favorite with youngsters are being widely sold this year compared to last year,” he said.

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