Iran and the Anniversary of U.S. Hostage Crisis! Between the doctrine of the enemy and call for rapprochement!

10 - Nov - 2013

"We must not trust an enemy who smiles, the Americans smile and express a desire to negotiate, and from another side they immediately say all options are on the table." The Supreme Guide of the Iranian Revolution on November 3rd, 2013.

In his book “Revolution of Khomeini: the Miserable Revolution”, Moussa al Moussawi, one of Khomeini opponents, monitored that the slogan “Death to America” and the description “The biggest Devil”, were repeated 30 thousands times, in 10 volumes written by the Guide of the Iranian revolution”, and “not eastern nor western” 20 thousands times while the expression “martyrs’ blood” 50 thousands times!1.
Moussa was one of Khomeini’s allies then he became one of his opponents like Ayatollah Montazari and many of his other allies.

Iranian protesters chant “Marg Barg America”, “Death to America” on hostage crisis anniversary. Around 200 out of 290 members of the Iranian parliament emphasized it  in a move to come before the politics  of Rawhani and the government of convergence. They also chanted (Death to America) when groups of revolutionary students detained 52 US diplomats inside the embassy for 444 days, protesting the step of treating the former Shah in an American hospital!

This year, the celebration was different; although faces and forms changed, but the facts remained the same. The regime adapts to its internal challenges, but can it change its revolutionary creed?!

The Revolutionary Guard emphasized on Saturday November 2nd, that the slogan (Death to America) is the symbol of resistance of the Iranian nation to the hegemony of the United States, the arrogant unreliable nation. They will keep the same slogan even if the American-Iranian relations witness a detente.

The chant "Death to America," was the subject of debate in recent weeks. It seems impossible that the Revolutionary Guide or the radical wing would accept that. The Iranian Revolutionary Guide organized his demonstrations on November 4th and chanted (Death to America).
Iran's Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Hassan Fairouz Abadi expressed full support of the Armed Forces to the nuclear negotiations held by the government. The slogan of “Death to Amercia” is directed only to the 1% of  the US “arrogant, capitalist and Zio-American” people, Abadi added.

On November 3rd, one day before, the Supreme Guide gave a speech expressing his full support to the negotiations, saying that the team, led by Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif, is “engaged in a difficult mission”. “No one should weakens or insult them”, he added.
Khomeini seems supporting Rawhani’s trends. He supports the policy of the interim adjustment over the policy of stalemate of advocating the slogan!

In this context, depending on the strategic choice chosen by Rawhani administration and blessed by the Guide Ayatollah Khameini for rapprochement and negotiation with the United States, the government of the Iranian revolution showed unprecedented changes. To what extent may the Iranian new policy of adjustment that lasted for decades would go. It’s vague so far.

So, it is obvious that the Iranian leadership is log jammed, facing serious difficulties in being away of the foreign policy followed since the foundation of the Islamic regime in the country. It’s a normal phenomenon; changing the system and the Khomeini Iranian political approach as well as its basic policies ongoing decades ago in the region and the world.

Due to the fact that the hostility between Washington and Tehran has started since the emergence of the Islamic Republic; many Iranian officials are skeptical about Iran's ability to continue as a revolutionary country, in line with the vision of its founders, if it normalizes its relationship with Washington, which is not expected from those in power in Iran now, including the Guide and President Rawhani.

In his speech on Sunday, November 3rd, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said: "We must not trust an enemy who smile to us. Americans smile to us and say they want to negotiate, but at the same time they say that all options are on the table."

The Supreme Guide condemned the policy of Group 5+1 (China, United States, Russia, France, Britain and Germany), which seeks to halt Tehran's nuclear program suspecting that it contains a military part. He warned the officials in the Iranian foreign ministry of “the deceptive smile of the enemy”.

IRG, in particular, is afraid of losing his institutional interests during the negotiations that would be held between Rawhani’s government and Obama administration.The US sanctions targeted IRG, in particular, as one of the biggest supporters of terrorism in the world.

Iran wouldn’t be able to maintain its character as a revolutionary country with an independent foreign policy, if it settled its differences with the United States, even partially.

This issue doesn’t raise concern for IRG only, but also for all the institutions in the Iranian regime. It seems that Rawhani insists on phased out achievements without losing his fundamentals.


Translated by : Lamis Gawish


[1] Moussa al Moussawi: "Khomeini Revolution: The Miserable Revolution". p. 45,46

[2] L'Agence France-Presse (AFP) on November 3rd, 2013

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