Haytham Mouzahem

Dr. Haytham Mouzahem, Director of Beirut Center for Middle East Studies. He is a Lebanese scholar, analyst and researcher specializing in Middle Eastern and Islamic affairs. He holds a PhD in Philosophy and Islamic Studies, as well as BA in Journalism. He is a columnist, a political commentator, a regular contributor to Al-monitor, Islamist Gate, the Atlantic Post, Al Hayat, Al-balad. His work has appeared in many Arab renown academic publications.
He has also written for The Daily Star, Almustaqbal, Albayan, An-Nahar and Jane’s Intelligence Review. Mouzahem has published two books: The Israeli Labor Party, 1968-1999 (Arabic, 2001) and The Conflict Over the Middle East (2013), and contributed to six others. Two more of his own, The Evolution of the Shi’ite Marja’eya and How the revolutions occur, will be published soon.

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