Education Ministry removes graffiti supporting IS

Arab news: The Education Department in the Riyadh region has moved to form a committee which has embarked on removing graffiti, writings or drawings supporting the IS (Islamic State) that were scribbled, scratched or sprayed on the walls of some schools east of the capital.
The move came following reports in local media stating that there exist on the walls of some schools and educational complexes graffiti in support of the IS.
A number of residents in the neighborhoods of the said schools reported that they suspect a group of deeply religious young men who meet in the alleyways discussing issues but ruled out the possibility that they support deviant thought or ideology. They confirmed that these acts represent “only some reckless youth practices and nothing beyond that.”
Shoura member Dr. Fayez Al-Shahri, a researcher and digital media consultant, said whoever wrote these phrases must be brought to book and punished in accordance with the law.
“But one should distinguish between those who really support the group and those who act recklessly without any convictions of the ideology,” he clarified.
He added that reason must prevail in this issue, pointing out that silence on the matter would only encourage more reckless behavior that might lead to crimes.
“Many young men turn to these groups to transform their problems and depressions to mottos and slogans that look legitimate. Then these groups extend machine guns and cannons to them, along with some fancy title to make them feel important. Some of them come to their senses while others get carried away and are unable to turn back without risking their lives and families as the rules of these groups are very strict,” he said.
However, he stressed that mottos and slogans that somehow represent the aspirations of the youth and the marginalized have not become a phenomenon yet.

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