East Jerusalemites riot after Palestinian teen dies

The Times of Israel: Rioters threw rocks and attacked a gas station convenience store near the seam line between the East and West sides of Jerusalem Sunday night, as the capital saw the worst spate of violence since the killing of an East Jerusalem teen in June.

The rioters — angry over the Sunday death of an East Jerusalem teenager from wounds sustained a week earlier after being shot by Israeli police during a riot — plundered and threw Molotov cocktails at a gas station in the capital’s French Hill neighborhood.

No one was injured in the attack on the gas station, but serious damage was inflicted to the store and the station after it was torched.

No arrests were made, according to Israel Radio.

Masked men threw also rocks at the light rail in the nearby Shuafat neighborhood. No damage was caused to the train and no injuries were reported. Rocks were also thrown at cars and at police officers in Issawiya and A-Tur. Two drivers were lightly injured in the attacks.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat condemned the rioting and called for a heavy-handed response. He added that he’s in communication with the local police chief and that city hall is willing to assist as necessary to quell the violence.

Authorities and the family of Muhammad Abd Al-Majid Sunuqrut, 16, disagree on what caused his fatal wounds after he was shot by police during a riot last Sunday.

Sunuqrut, from Wadi Joz, succumbed to his injuries at Hadassah Hospital at Ein Kerem in Jerusalem, where he was being treated.

Sunuqrut’s family said that he was shot in the head at close range with a rubber-coated bullet.

However, police rejected the claim and said he was shot in the leg and then fell over, hitting his head against the ground.

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