Cairo to train Palestinians at Rafah Crossing

The Cairo Post:
CAIRO: Training 3,000 from the Palestinian Republican Guard to administer the Rafah Crossing was discussed in Ramallah between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Egyptian intelligence officials Monday, Palestinian Naba News Agency reported.

The Republican Guard personnel would receive their training in Cairo to take control over the crossing after the PA was driven out of Gaza in 2007 after bloody confrontations with Hamas.

An indefinite truce was agreed between Israel and Hamas in Gaza Aug. 26, with the opening of the four crossings it shares with Israel and the crossing it shares with Egypt, which is only for travelers. The fishing zone of the enclave was also extended.

Other controversial terms in the truce are scheduled to be discussed in Cairo in a month; Israel wants to disarm Gaza and Hamas wants to build a seaport and an airport, which would relieve its complete dependence on crossings and illegal tunnels.

Egypt partially opened the Rafah Crossing on humanitarian grounds during the seven-week conflict in Gaza, which killed 2,137 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and 71 Israeli, mostly IDF soldiers on Gazan soil during the ground offensive stage.

On Tuesday, 445 people were allowed into Egypt and 340 into the strip, a source at the Rafah Crossing told Youm7.

Hamas won Palestinian parliament elections in 2006, but after it unilaterally took over the strip a year later, Egypt and Israel have largely closed their crossings.

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