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Potential Dangers?! The Brotherhood, the State & Violence Around the Arab World!

“We will exhaust the coup masterminds/supporters until they lose control and all state institutions fall apart. In that ... more

Egypt’s Future Man…Scenarios & Probabilities…El-Sisi and the others!

A European diplomat, meeting with a group of Egyptians, bombarded them with questions: Who is ruling Egypt now? Where ... more

The New Alliance Between Egypt And The Gulf

On the regional strategic level, the June 30th revolution in Egypt confirmed the importance of Gulf countries for the ... more

Hot Issues

Iran and Turkey Explore Their Mutual Interests

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani -- along with seven Cabinet ministers, Iran's central bank governor and an army of ... more

Egypt Referendum.. Scenarios of the Brotherhood after June’s Victory!

The Egyptian people have restored the electoral legitimacy from those who put it first, as true legitimacy lies ... more

Turkey and Erdoğan on the day after

Body language is an important indicator, especially when the man under scrutiny is one of the most charismatic ... more

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